You want to grow your towing and recovery company, but at times it can be difficult to collect an invoice, let alone navigate some of the other financial and legal hurdles of running your own company. Competition can be tough and it is sometimes difficult to stay profitable while also being competitive.
Business success demands specialized techniques and approaches to how you operate and the towing and recovery business is no different. At Recovery Billing Unlimited, we won’t tell you how to tow, we won’t tell you how to operate your fleet and we won’t tell you what to charge. What we’ll do is teach you the advanced business management techniques necessary to bill properly for your services, ensuring that you are paid the right amount, on time, every time.The name of the game is to work with the insurance company and not against them.

Billing is Essential for Your Towing & Recovery Company
Across the United States and Canada, hundreds of managers and business owners are looking for ways to increase the financial performance of their towing operations. We have helped countless companies to achieve exactly that. We can do the same for you.

Our techniques include:

  • Advanced business management practices
  • Creating better invoices
  • Making sure you’re paid for the work you weren’t previously billing
  • Mitigating risks by maintaining legal compliance
  • Helping you learn how to deal with difficult insurance claims that could be leaving you out of pocket

How Do We Do It?
Bob and Eric Fouquette present advanced business seminars, covering everything from properly writing invoices to how you can make sure that you are paid by insurance companies. The techniques that you will learn in your first class will be essential to your business remaining profitable. Classes are limited to 20 companies and are booked on a first come first serve basis.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your profits and improve the financial position of your towing and recovery company. Call us today to reserve your spot!




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Our seminars cover various aspects of Advanced Business Management in Towing and Recovery. Check out our course schedule to find the best time for you to learn the legal and compliance, insurance and even accident scene remediation aspects of the business.  Course schedule –>



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