Our company began when Bob and Eric Fouquette decided to share their billing expertise with other towing companies across North America. Coming from the hugely successful “Big Wheel Towing & Recovery Company,” Bob and Eric are equipped with the proven industry experience to back up their advanced methods of building a better towing business.
The average tow man is excellent at what he does best and that’s towing and recovery. Billing can be complex and when starting out in business, it can be a challenge to design the right billing and invoicing systems to take advantage of the recovery work that’s being performed. Think about it. You could be losing thousands per month for unbilled services for what is essentially a clerical oversight. Bob and Eric bring their expertise to seminars throughout the year in Massachusetts and across the continent. Groups are small, with only 20 towing companies per session, which makes for a more focused, one-on-one learning experience and higher success rates.
We especially take care to help other businesses overcome the red tape and wall of legal babble that prevents towing companies from being paid. We will help you to navigate the legal roadblocks and red tape, helping you to get paid for your work without fail. All it takes is a robust system which you can apply to every job that you complete.


We provide courses monthly locally in Massachusetts. We also provide special sessions at trade shows throughout the US. You’ll find us at shows like the American Towman Showplace in Las Vegas, Baltimore’s American Towman Expo, The Tow Show in Ohio, the Florida Towshow in Orlando and others throughout the year. Head over to our contact page to find out about upcoming courses or to get details on when you can meet us at the next show. We’d love to hear from you and to get your towing and recovery company working as smoothly and as profitably as it possibly can.