I can’t fathom the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we left on the side of the road in the past years before going to their class. I really don’t see how there are so many towers making excuses why it won’t work for them. I once was like that, along with many others on here and we all had our eyes opened. I just wish more towers would give this type of attitude a chance as it will benefit YOU tremendously.

  • Tony’s Towing Inc.


The tools this class has taught me are priceless, if you want to improve your bottom line I highly recommend anyone in the towing & recovery business to put this class at the top of your list of things to do if you want to successful in this industry

  • A Toe Truck


I just took the class yesterday; I flew about 3000 miles to go to this class. I really have to say I have learned more in this 1 day than ALL of the other classes combined. The type of information and experiences that are shared are priceless and are a must for anyone that takes their business seriously and wants to run it like a BUSINESS. I would recommend this class to anyone, the staff at RBU is very nice and makes you feel at home, and will take extra time to talk to you before and after the class, I had numerous questions for them and they answered them without hesitation. There is a certain amount of legal advice that is present and it is very valuable because it is from someone that I would consider an expert because of his time spent defending our industry. I will most certainly apply a lot of what I learned in my day to day operations and will most certainly attend a follow up class ASAP.

  • Morris & Sons Towing


We at Nelcon have taken this class and on a scale of 1 – 10, it’s easily a 50+ that’s how good this class is.  If you’re serious about this business then you need this tool in your tool box.  Eric and the entire Fouquette family are second to none.  They not only care about their business they care about the entire industry and are constantly coming up with ways to improve it for everyone!!!!  Please attend the class and I would be very shocked if you did not agree with everyone here. 

  • Nelcon Service Center


It’s one of the BEST investments I have ever made. Thank you Bob, Eric, and Linda

  • Action Auto Body Towing, Inc.


Well where to begin that’s a tuff one for me with this post. I will start by saying I went to the RBU class to learn how to make my dad’s towing business more profitable because we were working all the time and not seeing the profit for all the missed dinners, birthday parties, nights out with friends, or good night of sleep without the phone ringing(this list could go on). The very first night at the meet and greet we learned enough that we paid for the cost of the class that night through a job that was going on back home!!! Now that’s a return on investment and I hadn’t even been to the class yet!!! Over the weekend Bob, Eric, and Linda made my wife and I feel like we were part of their family they were the perfect host! When we returned home from the class we started to implement some of the things we learned, the change in our business finance’s was unbelievable and what was more amazing was the passion that I had lost for the business had returned it was fun again to go to work because we were seeing the fruit of all our hard labor. If you haven’t been to the RBU class just go it will be some of the best money you have spent for your business. I am so confident in this seminar if you have any doubts feel free to Call Me.

  • Joe’s Towing & Recovery


Bob, Eric, Linda and the gang at R.B.U. run a top notch class that was far beyond my expectations. This is more than just billing info this is a business building seminar and I can’t believe how much I have been missing. If you are worried about getting your money back then you would be the fool. The best part is that it is explained in a way that we should all be able to comprehend. Don’t keep leaving money on the table. These guys really have an agenda, which will only strengthen the industry as a whole. My biggest mistake was not taking this course sooner. You guys run a top notch operation and I cannot say enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU R.B.U.

  • Roadside Rescue & Transport Inc.


Bob, Eric, & Linda are top notch!!!
Class was great a lot of info. You guys are down to earth, my kind of people. Glad I went and was well worth the money, that’s for sure.

  • LaBonte & Son


As a testimony to the class. We attended the January 2010 class and have since been able to collect on recovery’s we would have walked away from in the past. With the knowledge form this seminar and help from the staff at R.B.U we were just paid on a vehicle with NO collision and minimum liability. We spent all lot of time on scene making it right while satisfying not only the home owner, but the town in which the accident happened. In summary, I highly recommend attending this seminar to educate yourself on how to bill correctly.

  • Interstate Towing, Inc.


It’s worth every penny that you’re leaving behind if you haven’t attended this class yet. We attended the first class in mass and still can’t believe the money that we left on the table before we attended. A 10 rating would be an understatement. Thanks again.

  • Winter’s Towing & Garage, Inc.


You can’t ask for a better bunch of guy than Bob and Eric, and the whole RBU team. I have learned a lot of things then and now and still to this day if I have any questions all I have to do is call and ask, and they’re more than willing to help out any way they can and get any info that I might need. Thank you for all that you do for the towing industry.

  • Maine-ly Towing


This class is above and beyond what it is advertised as.  Thank you to the Fouquette Family for all your hard work and effort for our industry.  If you are on the fence about going to this class trust me YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!!!!   We just got paid on a job that never in a million years would we have without their help.  These people truly love this industry and want all of us to get the recognition we deserve as Professionals.  This class has helped us to work safer and more efficient in places that we overlooked, didn’t realize, or just plain ignored because of lack of funding.  In the future of this industry you will do it right or not do it at all.  I support the belief of doing the job to the very best of your abilities and the safest ways possible.

  • Ken’s Kar Kare & Towing