Our priority is all about how we can help you, as a towing and recovery operator, grow your profits by maximizing your invoice revenue. We don’t use shady business practices or accounting tricks. We focus on teaching you how to get paid for the work that you’ve already been doing.

Our seminars will take you through;

  • Building a proper towing business from scratch. You already know how to run day to day operations, but your billing processes aren’t working for you. We will teach you how to streamline your operation with easily implemented and maintained processes.
  • Employee training. Professionalism in the workplace and on the job is essential. The image that your employees carry could determine how quickly and easily you collect payments.
  • Accident Scene Remediation. Don’t take a financial hit by unconsciously risking liability at an accident scene. Learn the processes to avoid turning your income into an expense.
  • Professional Invoice Writing. Clear, detailed and legally compliant invoice writing is essential for a professional and financially stable towing company. We teach you how to do this consistently for every job.
  • Insurance Billing. We will teach you how to work with insurance companies, not against them. This includes writing an acceptable invoice in a format that is easily understood, which itemizes your rates, is accompanied by a detailed narrative and includes a set of photos depicting the scene in its entirety from start to finish. 
  • Legal Compliance. We will provide an overview of laws, rules and regulations pertinent to the towing and recovery industry, including local, state and federal. By knowing your rights and obligations, you’ll avoid putting your business at risk. 
  • Professional Expertise. We love to add variety to our courses by bringing in guest speakers and even business mentors. Guests range from industries like towing and recovery, to legal and insurance. Learn from the most knowledgeable people in their respective fields so that you can improve your business methods.

With what you learn in our seminars, you will have the ability to double your bottom line. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to join one of our seminars. Contact us today and say goodbye to unpaid invoices, unnecessary expenses and losses for your business.