You Do the Work
You Deserve
to Get Paid

We Teach You

Proper way of writing invoices

Are you still writing your RECOVERY invoice on a TOW slip? That’s a thing of the past. 

Keeping the
paper trail

Learn how to properly document the scene from start to finish so you will have all the info you need back at the office.

Communicating with insurance/private companies

We show you how to work WITH insurance/private companies NOT AGAINST them.

Obtaining payment for proper billing

There are many steps that go into collecting a check for your hard work. We teach you how to go about the process from start to finish.

Accident scene clean up

Are you leaving car debris and oil behind at the accident scene? You can be liable for this even YEARS later. We show you how to make site remediation profitable not an expense.

Billing on property damage liability insurance only

Have you heard that your customer is not covered? Us to! We show you different avenues to get paid.

Laws that are on your side

Overview of federal and state laws to help you get paid! 

And More...

A lawyer and insurance executive join us as guest speakers to give you a diverse training seminar.

sick of leaving money on the table?
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tow show

17 & 18

Tow Show


We are based out of Massachusetts and host most of our seminars there, however we also host at the Baltimore and Las Vegas Tow Shows each year.

attendees travel from
around the US & Canada

From Canada to California to Massachusetts, we see them all!

Over 1,000 companies attended

We must be doing something right!

Don't believe us? believe them!

We have hundreds of positive testimonials and a 5 star rating on Facebook