Frequently asked questions

No. You know how to tow/recover vehicles. That is not what we teach. We teach you how to properly invoice for your services, communicate with insurance/private companies, keep a paper trail, and document the scene from start to finish.

No. We cover a variety of topics including:

  • How to bill on property damage liability insurance/homeowners insurance only
  • How to do site remediation to reduce your company’s future liability
  • Navigate laws that are on your side to help you get paid

We also have two guest speakers: a lawyer and an insurance executive.

Yes! Most of the companies that attend our seminars have been in business for 1-30 years. It’s never too late to learn something new and implement it! Change is hard, but change is good, especially for your bottom line.

No. We also host seminars at American Towman Shows. We host at the Las Vegas and Baltimore Tow Show each year. But, always check our “Seminar Schedule” or Facebook page for the most up to date details.